Fortune 500 CEOs Are Shunning Social Media, Says New Study

I though this was some very interesting information. What do you think?

Fortune 500 CEOs Are Shunning Social Media, Says New Study by Domo and 70 Percent of Chief Execs Have No Social Media Presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google Plus — But CEOs Are Active On LinkedIn | Bulldog Reporter.


3 responses to “Fortune 500 CEOs Are Shunning Social Media, Says New Study

  1. Are Fortune 500 Company CEO’s anti-social?

    According to the recent Domo study, nearly 1 of every 5 minutes spent online is on social networking sites, making it the most popular content category in worldwide engagement accounting for about 19% of all time spent online. Considering the time investment required for social networking, it is not surprising that CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are not socially active. After all, they have companies to run!

    The report you shared presents some very interesting statistics, including:
    • 70 % of CEOs have no presence on social networks
    • Among the 20 Fortune 500 CEOs who have opened Twitter accounts, 5 have never tweeted
    • Only 10 Fortune 500 CEOs have more than 500 LinkedIn connections
    • Six Fortune 500 CEOs contribute to blogs and only one of the six maintains his blog
    • Zero Fortune 500 CEOs are on Pintrest

    A 2011 study by iContact asked 414 customers to identify their greatest challenges related to social media. The top three reported were:

    • Lack of time
    • Unsure how to determine ROI/value
    • Lack of knowledge about social media

    The time commitment required for establishment and maintenance of a social media presence is substantial. Though CEOs have “staff” to support these efforts, a delegated presence seems awkward for such a personal medium. Busy people, like CEOs, are hard-pressed to find “disposable time” to dedicate to social networking. It is not a matter of being anti-social…it’s being tired!

    Further, are the bottom-line benefits of social networking worth the time required to maintain a social media presence? Is there substantive research indicating the actual return-on-investment in a language that Fortune 500 Company CEO’s understand – dollars and cents?


    • I would love to see some of those papers as well. Maybe someone will hyperlink us to some if they find them.

      It does seem to say that if your selling to CEOs that social media might not be the place to start. I had never read that before but I think I have said that in a few classes before. Now I’ll be able to link people to the post to back myself up. I wonder of those CEOs online how many of their social media sites are managed by others. Only one maintains their own blog that isn’t looking positive.

      I keep hearing of non-ROI metrics being used for social media and maybe that is the problem. I’m sure some better metrics could be used over click thru rates to help gain wider acceptance.

      Blogging is pretty sweet!!! LOL

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