It’s all fun and advertising till controversy arises: The marketing technique of advergames.

Digital Communication Media

It seems that the saying “There’s an app for that” is spawning a new saying, “ There’s a game for that”. One of the most up and coming marketing technique combines the thrill of games with the intention of advertising: Advergaming.

Advergames interact with consumers by providing branded content in an entertainment format that increases the amount of time consumers are exposed to the brand. According to a CBS News report, attention has become a commodity especially when we speak of the youth. Typical online advertisments such as banners are usually skipped over and ignored allowing only seconds of brand exposure. With advergaming, the amount of time spent with the brand increases dramatically to 30 minutes or more. In addition to more time spent with a brand, advergaming  can be integrated into social platforms like Facebook by implementing prompts to post a score on Facebook which could challenge a…

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