Give Your Site a French Manicure

I thought this was a good post and worthy of re sharing.

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Hello again!

This week, let’s explore the secret world of web design.  Do you prefer a French manicure or glitter?  Often underutilized, “whitespace” can bring a sophisticated, polished, elegant feel to a web page.  Top brands know this and use whitespace liberally to visually position themselves as an upscale brand. 

Unlike its name implies, whitespace does not have to be white.  “Whitespace is simply the empty space between and around the elements of a design or page layout. This can include: space around graphics and images, margins and gutters, space between columns, and even the space between lines of type.” 

Consider the following examples: 


As you glance at these web pages, which portrays a higher quality?  Notice the difference in the amount of whitespace in the menu bar and between the photographs.  Also, look at the space incorporated into the company names.  One feels sophisticated, confident, and luxurious…

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